Does Shape Really Matter?

Through the years, plastic surgery in Thailand has always been popular. Women who are unhappy with their bodies choose to fly across the oceans and undergo the surgery that could change their lives. There are quite a number of these kinds of surgery. Breast augmentation is one the most common and popular surgery. As a matter of fact, women have become more open to this kind of surgery. As beauty and body are enhanced with cosmetic surgery, these candidates become more confident and increase their self-image after undergoing the medical procedure.

Implant Shapes

What you may have known of is prior to having your Thailand plastic surgery, you will have a discussion with your surgeon. In short, it is an essential to get familiar with what your doctor will perform. After all, this is your body that we are talking about. Implants may come in different size. This depends on how the candidate and your surgeon want. Some patients may want to have fuller breasts and some just want to have an enhanced average breast size. Your surgeon should know what should be done to enhance your breast. In the previous post, we talked about how the size matters. This time, let's talk about shapes. Will it really matter?

Breast Augmentation
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There are only two options that you can choose with regard to the breast implant shape. Thailand cosmetic surgery allows their patients to choose between:

Round Implants VS Teardrop Implants

Round Implants

As always and in every breast enhancement plastic surgery Thailand, you can opt to have a saline or the silicone solution to fill your implants. 

What does this offer? Round implants allow the potential candidate to have a fuller look, not to mention an added cleavage. This implant provides your upper breasts to have the most volume. Meanwhile, this kind of breast implant does not tend to rotate. The moment you have undergone this kind of cosmetic surgery Thailand and opt for the round implants, you should be able to notice how fuller your breasts appear. And since these implants with this shape do not move much, it keeps the rounded shape and fullness.

Teardrop Implants

Most women would refer to this as the 'gummy bear' or the contoured implant. This implant has a contoured downward slope shape. Teardrop implants allow women to have an all natural look. This kind of implants has these textured shells, however, this isn't the reason it should rotate causing is to get distorted in time. Although this implant doesn't provide the same fuller results as the round implants, there are still women who prefer this over the other. Perhaps, it's the appearance that makes them decide to have this implant. 

So, does shape really matter? The decision may lie in your hands, it is still wise to seek for your surgeon's advice. You should know that there are still factors that lie prior to undergoing breast surgery. You and your surgeon may want to consider on your natural breast measurements. Thereby, enhancing your breast would just seem to look natural.

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