Facelift Surgery For A More Youthful Appearance

People nowadays avail of the different packages included in medical tourism, and it is of no wonder why more and more people undergo facelift thailand to enhance their physical appearance. This is a surgical procedure that is used and performed to give people a more youthful look. The technical term for this is rhytidectomy. This is a kind of cosmetic surgery that reshapes the lower one-third of the face and this is done by removing the excess facial skin. There are some facelift procedures that include tightening of the underlying tissues. And to achieve the best result, it is combined with other procedures that address the forehead, eyes, brows, and cheeks. Facelifts are increasingly becoming more popular among men and women today.

A More Youthful Appearance

When performing the procedure, an incision is made in front of the ear and extends to the hair or hairline. The incision stretches downward to the front ear, comes under the ear and then upward behind it. It ends in the hairline behind the ear. When necessary, the deeper tissues of the face can also be tightened. Then the excess skin is removed. The incisions are closed with sutures and staples. There are some cases when a drain is placed under the skin behind the ear to drain the excess fluid and blood. The drainage tube will be removed in a day or two after the procedure, the bandages are applied.

In the new surgical technique, there are some new methods applied when performing facelifts. And there are more and new surgical options that are constantly being developed. Some of these advances are as follows which all aim at improving cosmetic procedures.
  • Lasers

     A facelift procedure that is called as laser neck and jaw liposculpture and resurfacing, make use of lasers. This is done through a one-inch incision under the skin with the use of a local anesthetic.

  • Endoscopy 

    Endoscopic are used today when doing brow lifts and facelifts. This method requires smaller incisions. And as a result, there will be fewer traumas to the tissues, and there would be a faster recovery time. Facial structures are being raised and there is no need to cut fold of skin. But of course, this kind of procedure depends on the patient.

  • Liposuction

    This method is performed to remove focal deposits of fat in the face. This is usually in the area between the neck and chin. This can also be combined with facelift, or can be performed separately.
In most cases, a facelift surgery lasts for two hours to five hours. This can even be performed in an outpatient facility with local sedatives and anesthetics to relax the patient. But there are some instances when the surgery is performed under general anesthesia and the patient may opt to stay overnight in the hospital.

Undergoing a facelift surgery provides a result that will show a smoother and more youthful appearance. The procedure can remove and tighten the sagging skin. Then the loop of the face around the jaw is reduced. The corners of the mouth are also lifted, while the creases between the lips and cheeks are diminished. These results can last for five to ten years.

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